Wind Therapy – The Song. How did that happen?

We fell in love with Damon Fowler and his band several years ago when they opened for George Thorogood at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater. And we’ve been Damon Fowler groupies ever since. So much so that we got ahold of him and asked him to write a song for our YouTube channel. The channel hadn’t started yet, and we wanted to open with a bang.

Damon interviewed us to learn more about us, watched some sailing YouTube videos to get an understanding of what we were looking for, and he went to work. The song is fantastic. It’s exactly what we had in mind. And apparently, lots of our YouTube viewers like it as well because we get inquiries on where to get it all the time.

Well, the time has come. You can get it right HERE! It’s free and not copyrighted. So use it all you like. We only ask that if you do use it somewhere, please give Damon credit for it.


Right click the link below to download the song.

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