The BEST Gluten-Free Pizza on the Island?

I love pizza. I used to eat it all the time. Until one day, after getting progressively sicker over 10 years, I realized I am actually allergic to wheat. I’m not just “gluten sensitive”, I don’t avoid it because I think it makes my head foggy or because I think eating gluten-free has other health benefits. I’m actually allergic to the plant. Go figure. My passion is baking. Hmmm.

I’ve had two memorable gluten-free pizzas in my life. And believe me, I’ve tried a LOT of them.

The first one was at Lou Malnati’s in Chicago. I was there for work and shared a GF veggie pizza with a colleague. I put a slice on my plate and passed the rest down to her at the other end of our 25-person table. As soon as I took a bite, my world changed. I finally found delicious Gluten-Free PIZZA!!! I immediately looked at her to make sure she didn’t take more than her half. In fact, she only took two of her allotted three slices, leaving me a total of four delectable, mouth watering slices. SCORE!!!

We were only in Chicago two more nights. I baled on the group dinner the last night there and ordered another one, just for me. And, yes, I ate the entire thing. I was in love.

I never found another GF pizza to compare. I even ordered Lou Malnati’s GF pizzas frozen and had them delivered. Not the same. Still better than most, but not the same.

Then God smiled on me one night in Antigua earlier this year. He said, “you suffered enough with that crap passage to the BVI,” and he led me to Paparazzi Pizza in English Harbor. The sign said, “Best Gluten-Free Pizza on the Island.” I had to try it. Was it really the best on the island? After all, it’s a small island. How many gluten-free pizzas could there possibly be on it? I ordered my standard veggie gluten-free pizza and was surprised when it arrived at my table. The crust was crisp and loaded with those delightful crust bubbles only found in high-gluten pizza crusts. The char was perfect. It looked too good to be true. I waited until everyone else got their pizzas to make sure mine was indeed different. And it was. Mine was much lighter in color than their’s, but still damn good looking.

I separated a slice, held it to my nose and had a sniff. Delicious smelling. Just like a pizza should be. I took a hesitant bite and couldn’t believe my taste buds. I took another bite just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Before I knew it, I’d finished the entire slice. This was indeed the best gluten-free pizza on the island. I could even go as far as to say the best gluten-free pizza I’ve ever had. Sorry Lou, but you’re a very, very close 2nd.

I ate half the pizza before I realized they made Nutella pizza for dessert. What? I could actually have dessert pizza? Have I died and gone to heaven? The waiter told me the chef would not make me a GF Nutella pizza. Said he didn’t have enough dough left in case another customer came in and wanted a GF pizza for dinner. BUT, if I went into the kitchen and asked really nicely, I might get him to make me a slice.

And so I did. I walked into the open kitchen, found the chef, complimented the daylights out of him and his receipe, and told him I completely understood him not wanting to make me a GF pizza. All the while, flashing a big smile and batting my eyelashes. He looked at me and asked,

“Do you really want a Nutella pizza?”

“More than life itself.”

“I might have enough dough for a slice.”

“I’ll be forever in your debt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Ten minutes later, our waiter delivered an entire GF Nutella pizza. It was everything I’d ever hoped for. Crisp delectable crust, warm gooey Nutella, and just a sprinkle of powdered sugar. I ate one slice and took the rest home. Savoring each slice as if it were my last. And sad to say, it might have been. I’m not sure when I’ll come back to Antigua, but if I do, you’ll know where to find me.