Bote. It’s pronounced like boat. No accent on the e. We like their stuff. Can you tell? In May 2022, Leopard hosted an owners’ flotilla in the Exumas. We were going to take off and head to Eleuthera, but we opted to stay. And we’re glad we did. They had about 15 boats there, parties Read More

Thar Be Eagle Rays

Who Does YouTube Think They Are?

Ahhh, YouTube. One of the greatest apps created. People all over the planet, talented or not, wealthy, modest, or not, super good looking, fairly attractive, or not, anyone can be a star. All you have to do is crack the code. Oh, and don’t piss off the gate keepers. Well, I’m not in this for Read More

created by dji camera

Drone Shot

See this picture? It was taken with our friend’s drone. Thanks Shane and Tanya. I love drone shots. They’re so gorgeous, especially when the subject is the tropics. Like here, at Boysie Cay in the Exumas. You truly capture the color of the water, the contrast of the sand, and you even get a birdseye Read More

Stingray 2 copy

Stingray Shuffle

We’ve seen lots of sea life here in The Bahamas. Parrot fish, lobsters, turtles, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, and several varieties of rays. We were dinking around Prime Cay one day and saw so many huge stingrays, some as wide as our dinghy! They’re a bit menacing looking. Not so much their grey smooth bodies, Read More


That One Time, When You Forgot To…

Remember that one time, when you went sailing? The waves were bigger than you thought they were going to be, weren’t they? Not only were they bigger, but they were coming from in front of the beam, not from behind it, where they were supposed to be coming from. Right? Remember that? You relied on Read More

Haul out 1 copy

Sacrifice the Keels!

What’s it like to have your floating home hauled out of the water before your eyes? Weird. Just weird. What if a sling breaks? You see that happen all the time on YouTube. What if they block it wrong and damage a bulkhead or put a hole in the hull? What if the damage that Read More


Left in the Fog

Wow, what a way to go! We couldn’t see anything as we left The Harborage. It was time to go back to The Bahamas, and we couldn’t wait. But we weren’t prepared for this type of send-off. Our boat neighbor, Brenton, hopped on board to go with us to the fuel dock, and we very Read More


Think It’s Enough?

I LOVE rose champagne! Can you tell? So last year, when I saw that Trentadue Vineyards in Sonoma County (possibly my favorite US vineyard) was having a sale on it, I decided to try it. I put half a case in my shopping cart and emailed my friend to see if she wanted to split Read More

Tuna 1

Tuna Tar Tar

We aren’t skilled fishermen, by any means. But we think we’ve done all right so far. Here is our 4th fish ever, a 24″ black fin tuna. A few weeks ago, something really big grabbed our line. We think we caught a Mahi and a great white shark took it, along with 90% of our Read More