The Weakest Link

We had a choice; either buy a chain counter or mark the chain every 25 feet. We never really knew how much chain we let out at anchor. It was always just a guess.

Jeff got into the dinghy and floated it under the anchor locker. I lowered the anchor, VERY SLOWLY, into the dinghy and started letting out the chain. Jeff floated the dinghy over to the dock, hefted the anchor out of the dinghy, and started laying the chain on the dock. After 125 feet, I noticed this crazy corroded link. “What the hell is that?” Come to find out it’s a connector link. These charter boats usually come with 120′ or 150′ of chain. At some point, someone thought we needed more. But, apparently, they didn’t know a 304 Stainless link from a 316 Stainless link.

I’ve since learned that 304 and 316 refer to the amount of iron in the stainless. More iron, stronger steel. Less iron, less corrosion. It’s give and take.

So, they put the wrong one on, and here we are. I guess I’ll get to use my new grinder now.

It’s always something.

March 2020