Three Nights at Sea – Part 3

Day 3 – So we made up the saloon bed last night. We changed the shift schedule around. I was on from 2am to 5am. The moon set around 4:15am and the stars lit up like fireworks. No light pollution. Star gazing really helped the time fly by. Jeff came up at 5:00 to relieve me. I climbed into bed and was out like a light. Until I was awakened at 6:45 by a really cold wind blowing all over me. Jeff and Mike were busy closing hatches and putting up the jib. We were in for some weather, but we really wanted to sail. I finally got out of bed around 7:30 and stuff was building. It was about to blow stink, as my dad always said. And stink it did. Throughout the day, the wind grew to 18-25 knots and the seas were at least 12′. We’re pretty sure of that because our bimini top stands 10′ above the water line, and the waves were higher than that. But Wind Therapy handled them like a champ. Mike swears we were surfing down the waves at a 45 degree angle. And our speedometer topped out that day at 12.4 knots. It was like a roller coaster. A wise man (my dad) once told me that boats can usually handle a lot more than their passengers can. I’m going with that. After a few hours, we really trusted our boat and weren’t nervous anymore. I just knew that I didn’t want to do that for another day. We should see land soon. I’m looking forward to that.

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December 2019