What Happens in Vegas, I mean – Key West…

Key West is a very interesting place. It’s quaint and beautiful, filled with lush landscaping, architecture that only Key West can appreciate, and some of the best food I’ve ever eaten on the front porch of an old stately home. People everywhere travel by bicycle or scooter. It’s very quiet, laid back and friendly.

But there’s something about this place that makes you toss off all inhibitions. It’s almost like a little oasis at the end of the world – where what happens in Key West stays in Key West. Unless it’s that tattoo you’ve been talking about getting for a year. Then everyone knows what happened in Key West.

We created our boat logo, our boater-cycle if you will, with the help of our good friend David (Memphis) Jamieson from ENVY Photographics. Since the logo was completed, we’ve attached it to the bows of our boat and are getting ready to embroider it on shirts and hats for our guests. And now, it is permanently tattooed on our bodies. And yes Dad, it is in a place where you can see it.

So, what happens in Key West doesn’t necessarily stay in Key West!

January 2021