Left in the Fog

Wow, what a way to go! We couldn’t see anything as we left The Harborage. It was time to go back to The Bahamas, and we couldn’t wait. But we weren’t prepared for this type of send-off. Our boat neighbor, Brenton, hopped on board to go with us to the fuel dock, and we very Read More


Think It’s Enough?

I LOVE rose champagne! Can you tell? So last year, when I saw that Trentadue Vineyards in Sonoma County (possibly my favorite US vineyard) was having a sale on it, I decided to try it. I put half a case in my shopping cart and emailed my friend to see if she wanted to split Read More

Passage with Glen

Through the Middle of Florida

Our boat neighbor, Glen, has a passion for boats. He buys boats in need of some TLC, lives on them in the marina while he’s fixing them up, sells them, and starts all over again. Recently, he bought a damaged Hunter 454 in Jacksonville. And while he’s perfectly capable of bringing it back to St. Read More

We Ran Our Butts Off

Why Are 9000 People Running Through Disney?

Who the hell voluntarily wakes up at 3:00 in the morning, gets in their car and drives to EPCOT Center at 3:30, takes the monorail to the Magic Kingdom, walks to the outer edge of the parking lot (that’s 2 miles so far), and waits in line, in the rain, when it’s 55 degrees outside, Read More


Three Daughters

I love hard ciders. But not all are created equal. I’m not a fan of the mass produced kind, like White Claws or Bud Light Ciders. But give me some Three Daughters Hard Rose Cider or the Hard Raspberry Lemonade Cider, and I’m in heaven. Jeff loves their Beach Blonde and their Florida Orange IPA. Read More


Boat Life Suits Us

We’re back in St. Pete, as you know. And we love it here. Not only do we love living in St. Pete, but we love living on our boat. After almost a year of living aboard, I’ve come to realize that I really don’t need most of the stuff in those bins we stored in Read More

Time to go home 1 copy

There’s No Place Like Home

We’re so happy we made the decision to come home this summer. We had a wonderful time in The Bahamas, but we really missed our families – especially this little guy. He’s our amazing grandson. You might have seen him in Episode 9 when we took him to the mountains for a week. If you Read More


Flexibility Equals Happiness

Does flexibility really equal happiness? We had a plan. It was good plan. We know plans change, and we knew ours wouldn’t be immune to that change. But we didn’t expect it to happen like this. Plan – Bahamas from March – May 2021. June 2021 pull into Just Catamarans in Ft. Lauderdale for some Read More

Tuna 1

Tuna Tar Tar

We aren’t skilled fishermen, by any means. But we think we’ve done all right so far. Here is our 4th fish ever, a 24″ black fin tuna. A few weeks ago, something really big grabbed our line. We think we caught a Mahi and a great white shark took it, along with 90% of our Read More