Home Is Where the Anchor Drops

“Home is where the anchor drops.” I know this is true because when we moved on board, my daughter bought me a pillow that says so. Let’s go back a little bit. We lived in a condo right in the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. We loved it there. Restaurants, night clubs, theaters, shops, museums, and the waterfront – all within walking distance. It was awesome!

When we brought the boat up from the British Virgin Islands in early 2020, we visited often. COVID was new, and everyone was afraid to go anywhere. Except us boaters. We could go everywhere. We stayed on the boat for a few days, stayed in the condo for a few days, life was good.

We took off for this major trip in December 2020. We really loved the cruising lifestyle, and in January 2021 we decided to rent our condo out for a year. We figured a year was enough time to either love it for the long haul or hang it up and go back to being land lubbers. Well, land lubbers we are not. Our tenant moved out in February 2022, and long distance landlords were something we did not want to be. We repainted the walls, replaced the floors and the kitchen backsplash, and listed the condo on a Friday afternoon in April. After 14 showings Saturday and 10 Sunday, we had three cash offers Monday. SOLD!!!

We are now full-time liveaboards with no land base to call home. People often ask us where we live.

“See that boat? We live wherever she is.” It’s a cool answer. I like being able to say that.

Since then, we’ve lived in The Bahamas, Ft. Lauderdale, St. Augustine, Brooklyn, Nayak, behind the Statue of Liberty, Long Island, Block Island, Cuttyhunk, Onset, Plymouth, Camden, Rockland, and 10 other islands in Maine. Next week we’ll live in Boston and Provincetown. And in November, we’ll start living in the Caribbean, with a quick stop in Bermuda along the way.

Life is good.

August 2022