Naked Time

Sometimes you just have to be naked, or almost naked. We’re all born that way. What’s the big deal?

When you find a place that’s so beautiful, so peaceful, with no one around for days, you just can’t help yourself. Be free!!! There’s nothing quite like it. Sleep naked. It’s awesome.

Except if there’s some sort of emergency in the middle of the night. Or, if for some reason, you have to get up at an unreasonable hour, then sleeping naked might not have been the best idea. Take our episode where we were cleaning the water maker membrane, for example. We began the process at 9:30pm. We did not read the directions entirely before we started. If we had, we would have known that we had to wait six hours to begin the flushing process. Knowing that, we would have not begun the process at 9:30pm.

So, there we were. It was 4:00am. We got out of bed, threw on some clothes, and began flushing the water maker. Should we film it? Yes, we should. We already filmed the first part. We might as well finish it.

The 5-gallon bucket in the bilge was filled with the cleaning solution that needed to be discharged overboard. Flush it out, fill the bucket with fresh water, flush, fill, repeat…

Jeff was manning the hose bib, while I was manning the bucket. I was sitting on the edge of the bilge with my legs straddling the bucket. Camera in one hand, hose in the other. The camera was on my face as I was describing what we were doing. Then I panned down to the bucket to show what was happening. Innocent, right?

I spend about 40 hours editing each video, and I suppose I’m begining to miss some details. This video was no different. I edited it, watched it, Jeff watched it, we saved it, and up to YouTube it went. About an hour after it was released, we received a comment.

“I love watching your videos. You guys are great. But you might want to tell Adrienne that the next time she straddles a 5-gallon bucket, she might want to put on some panties. Thanks for the memories.”

What? What the hell is he talking about?

I jumped to turn on the computer and start looking. Then another email came through.

“Hi Jeff and Adrienne. I watch all of your videos and I really like what you guys do. Without sounding creepy, can you please call me right away? Here’s my number. I really need to talk to you.”

And there it was. I saw it on the video with my own two eyes. All my girlie bits on full display for all the world to see. In my half-awake state to flush the water maker, I had put on a shirt – and nothing else.

Jeff: “How did you miss that?”

Me: “You’re a guy. How did YOU miss that?”

Oh my God! More than 250 people saw my private parts!!!

We immediately took down the video, I edited out that 1.5 seconds, and re-uploaded the video. It had lost all momentum by then, so nobody ever really watched it after that. And that’s too bad, because it’s really a good one. You can view the abridged version here. Sorry, but I’m not interested in entering the porn industry.

Thanks for watching anyway.

August 2022