Plummers and Carpenters and Electricians, Oh, My!

I think I know why people hate building houses. It’s stressful, nothing ever goes as planned, and it takes longer and costs more than expected. But in the end, if you’re lucky, you get a really cool home that serves all your needs and wants. I hope it works out that way for us and Wind Therapy.

We’re doing so much work if feels like we’re living in a super tiny construction zone when we’re here. But we are almost done. We have new feathering props. They’re quieter and don’t produce drag, so we should go faster under sail. Our new batteries and solar panels are installed and working, so we’ll rely less on diesel fuel for energy. And best of all, my new laundry room/closet/storage/work room is almost finished! Everything is in, but we’re waiting on a few finishing touches.

New backrests for our outside cushions and our helm enclosure are coming soon. The electrician is finishing the connections on our new electronics, and the plumbers are almost done installing our deck wash system so we can wash the salt off the boat even if we aren’t in a marina.

Any day now!

January 2020