What Dreams May Come

This is the stuff dreams are made of. You buy a boat, put it in a charter program, learn how to sail it, learn how to fix it, retire, pull the boat out of charter, get everything cleaned, obtain insurance (that was a pain in the ass), and leave the dock. That’s the hardest part, Read More


Today Is a Good Day for a Good Day

Today was a great day. We started the morning preparing to go on our final sea trial with Geoff Williams, our surveyor, and Morgan Persaud, our favorite Moorings Captain. There was just one little problem, our batteries were dead. I guess that’s what happens when boats just sit around not being used for a while. Read More


So That’s What She Looks Like Underneath

We arrived in the BVI on November 3 to have a week-long sail with my sister, her husband and some of their friends. It was such a great week. We had an opportunity to take them to some of our favorite spots one more time before we sail Wind Therapy home to Florida. Now we’re Read More