So That’s What She Looks Like Underneath

We arrived in the BVI on November 3 to have a week-long sail with my sister, her husband and some of their friends. It was such a great week. We had an opportunity to take them to some of our favorite spots one more time before we sail Wind Therapy home to Florida.

Now we’re camping out on a Leopard 48 at the Moorings Base in Tortola (Thank you Moorings) until our boat is cleaned and ready for us to leave.

Wind Therapy was in the Crewed Yacht Charter Program with the Moorings. That means she always had a crew living aboard to care for her while she was out on charter. As with our first boat in the program, Ru-Ach, Wind Therapy was so well kept. The crews take care of these boats like they were their homes.

When we first saw her last month before the survey, she was a bit of a mess having had all the sails, cushions, etc tossed inside for hurricane season. She sat on the hard in Virgin Gorda for the month of September. She was splashed in early October, had the survey with Geoff Williams, and did quite well. Nothing major to note, just minor bumps and bruises as is expected with any vehicle that’s been used. But everything has been taken care of, and after a good scrub down, she’s looking great! We expect to have our final test sail on Tuesday, November 19, and take ownership. We can’t wait to move on board and point the bow northwest for the next five weeks.

Keep checking back for our status. Thanks for visiting 🙂

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November 2019