Today Is a Good Day for a Good Day

Today was a great day. We started the morning preparing to go on our final sea trial with Geoff Williams, our surveyor, and Morgan Persaud, our favorite Moorings Captain. There was just one little problem, our batteries were dead. I guess that’s what happens when boats just sit around not being used for a while.

Then along came two electricians who totally McGyvered the crap out of the situation and got us running again in about 20 minutes. Turns out that our starboard engine battery was completely dead, as was the solenoid, and the ground was not properly connected. Totally impressive. (We love it when stuff breaks on the boat and we’re on a Moorings charter. That way, their service guys teach us how to fix it. We’ll definitely miss that part.) They’re coming back tomorrow morning to replace the solenoid and possibly the battery.

Then we fueled up, picked up Geoff Williams (Kudos to my hubby who did an amazing job backing the boat up to the dock so Geoff could jump on), and headed out into flat calm seas for our trial. The engines worked great, the sails looked good as new, and the water maker worked. Yeehaw!

When we got back to the dock, we got the phone call that our boxes with all of our emergency equipment and electronics had been delivered. Another win!

And to top it all off, our insurance came through today. It was a triple threat!

After our meeting with the electricians tomorrow morning and a few other minor fixes, we’re going to sit down with Jenn Deuro and take possession of our new home. We’ll be here for another day or two, and then we’re heading out to Puerto Rico. We hope you’ll follow us as we learn how to be real sailors now.

Click here to watch. Episode 1 on YouTube.

November 2019